Privacy Policy WITSEE

How do we use your data?

Our mission at WITSEE is to offer you an application to allow you to create, consult and use image processing models by Deep Learning. The manipulation of these analysis assistance models (Diagnosis, research) is carried out through storage and analysis of digital image files stored on our platform.

We collect your personal informations when you connect to the Platform to use our services or when you subscribe to one of our offers. We use this information to provide you with the services requested, to improve our solution and, if you accept it, to send you personalized commercial offers.

At no time do we market,share or sale your personal data. Our philosophy is to integrate into all of our business processes a data protection logic from the design stage and by default.

Highlights of our Privacy Statement

In order to understand the following points, here are some definitions to keep in mind:

Beneficiary: this is the end user of our services, namely you !

Customer: our customers are institutions that wish to offer their employees access to WITSEE services. Our clients are therefore your employers.

Status of WITSEE in processing operations

In the context of processing operations carried out on the Platform, WITSEE will benefit from two distinct statuses:

  • WITSEE as Data Controller

    WITSEE will have the status of Data Controller for all processing relating to the administration of its Platform and the constant improvement of your user experience. We will also have the status of Data Controller within the framework of the implementation of our marketing campaigns: animation of our website, management of our E-Reputation, organization of events.

  • WITSEE as Processor

    When your company decides to use our Services, WITSEE will have the status of subcontractor.

  • Main purposes for which we process your data

    We carry out the following processing operations when we act as data controller: Purposes of the processing carried out on our Platform:

    We also keep your information as part of our accounting management in order to invoice our services. In addition, we may be likely to collect data about you from time to time in the context of event organization, the monitoring of your contracts as well as in the context of pre-litigation and litigation actions.

    Your rights concerning your personal data

    In accordance with the Data Protection Act and the GDPR, you have the following rights:

    Contact us

    For all your requests, including the exercise of rights, relating to your personal data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer:

    If you feel that we have not been able to help you with your request, and if you are located in the EEA, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.