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Witsee Studio is an AI-based platform increasing your study workflow and helping you in making powerful analyses on your histological images.

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Save time and increase precision of your slide analyses


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Witsee Studio is directly available, no installation needed. No AI skills needed.

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Fully Flexible

Create your own model to address your own biological question

Witsee Studio features

Whole Slide automatic classification

Quickly and automatically annotate tissues at pixel-level


Visualize staining or biological objects densities, on whole slides

ROI-based quantification

Select a Region of Interest and automatically get insights and data.

Cell Counting

Count specific objects in a whole Region of Interest in a few minutes

Witsee studio case studies

Discover how WITSEE is being used on different studies and pathologies.


Lymphocytes counting in liver cancer

cellules cerveau

Specific biomarkers are used in oncology to assess therapy efficacy. For hepatocellular carcinoma patients, CD3+ and CD8+ cells are thought to be of primary importance. They are however complex to thoroughly assess in whole tumors. WITSEE Studio allows to count tens of thousands of cells in minutes, providing scientists with complete quantitative information on the cancer status.

cellule oncologie


Amyloid quantification in Alzheimer disease

cerveau plein

Preclinical research in neurodegenerative diseases uses multiple biomarkers for providing insights on the illness mechanisms. In Alzheimer disease, amyloid plaque is used to characterize the subject status, using in particular BAM10 staining. Witsee Studio helps pre-clinical researchers in quantifying amyloid plaque in whole slides within a few clicks.

cellule oncologie

They use Witsee Studio

CHU Grenoble

« No expertise needed»

“Easy and intuitive: no need to be a computer expert to use the platform features”

- Romane, Pathologist


« Found a tool for my needs»

« It's rare to find a platform that fits my biological question in such an easy way »

- Luis, Researcher


« A powerful use of AI»

« Witsee Studio makes working with histopathological images easier and faster »

- Fanny, Researcher

Witsee Studio is the result of several years of academic research.

We have built a specific team allowing us to be at the forefront of AI, medical imaging and user experience.

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Our core team

Gilles Mergoil


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Gilles Mergoil

For more than 20 years, Gilles has been leading an international Cloud services company (250+ employees). He brings his strategic vision to Witsee and lead business & financial topics.

Cédric Clouchoux, PhD


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Cédric Clouchoux

With 10+ years of international academic research, Cedric has a deep understanding of biomedical images analysis stakes and challenges, as well as the scientific and medical ecosystem.

Maëliss Quere

Product Manager

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Maëliss Quere

Thanks to her engineering background, Maëliss hides technical complexity to make Witsee Studio an easy-to-use product with a seamless user experience for all pathologists.

Kévin Bouaou, PhD


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Kevin Bouaou

With a phD in biomarker development for medical application, Kevin is specialized in medical image processing on multiple image modalities and pathologies using machine and deep learning.

Cyrine Ben Salem


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Cyrine Bensalem

Cyrine has an extensive experience in developing cloud applications for prestigious international companies. She masters technical subjects, ensuring efficiency and security to the platform.

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